Bridging & Commercial Magazine – The Wisdom Issue

To celebrate the 30th issue of the Bridging & Commercial Magazine, we wanted to prepare something truly special. This issue brings you the industry’s top pearls of wisdom, with the aim of helping the entire specialist finance sector and prepare for the year ahead.

First off, some of the graduates of the new specialist finance qualification share their experience of taking the course. Meanwhile, Manuka Media’s founder Rosalia Lazzara-Tilley, Zenzic Capital’s CEO Nadine Buckland, and West One Loans’ head of bridging Tom Cantor, reminisce about how their careers have evolved over the years up to this point, and what brought on their success.

The Wisdom Issue’s cover story embodies the theme and teaches everyone at least a little something this is why we brought three experts with over 20 years of experience in the sector face to face with industry newcomers, to gain knowledge from each other.

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